About B90

Accomplish something millions have said is life goal – read thru the entire Bible. And, you can be finished before Summer!

Bible in 90 Days (B90) is a reading and program that will take you from Genesis straight through to Revelation … in just 45-60 minutes of reading per day. This is easily broken down to 15-20 minutes in the morning, over lunch, and in the evening, Or, complete the whole day’s reading at one time!

We know that reading this much, in this short of a time, can be daunting. So don’t go it alone! We will meet each week, which will help you by:

  1. explaining what you’ve read,
  2. providing discussion time about the content, and
  3. providing accountability.

If meeting in person doesn’t work for you, join our Online Reading Group, right here on this blog! Although nothing can replace the face-to-face discussion, our Online Reading Group will provide you with encouragement and discussion opportunities!

Jump in, and read the Bible in 90 Days!